Mastering the Art of Hosiery

How to Care for Your Pantyhose 

We developed our premium hosiery to be your fail-safe accessory for impeccable style. Integrating the latest innovative knitting technology available, we consciously crafted our hosiery with durability, comfort and sustainability in mind so you can confidently experience all the allure and high-performance details this elevated essential imparts on your everyday style while giving your legs the attention they deserve. Discover why our ultra-luxe pantyhose are a cut above all others. 

Problem #1
Unflattering Lines Under Clothing
Scratchy Unflattering Seams

Our Pantyhose: Seamless Elegance
Perfect for layering under fitted garments, our pantyhose are fashioned without a front or back center seam, providing a seamless, smooth and second-skin fit for ultimate comfort. Our detail-focused yet understated design makes our pantyhose completely undetectable, so no one will ever know the secret to your flawless look.

Problem #2
Pantyhose that Never Seem to Last

Our Pantyhose: Endlessly Wearable 
Our 20-denier yarn ensures you’ll never again replace your hosiery after only one wear. Made with the highest quality yarns on the market, our innovative Lycra® 3D knitting technology combines lasting comfort, a better fit and the ultimate durability, which includes a reinforced toe and run-resistant yarn. We also knit elastane into every stitch, rather than alternatively as other brands do, to render supportive stretch that gently hugs your body as it moves.

Problem #3

Our Pantyhose: Impeccable All-Day Shape, Impeccable Staying Power, Impeccably Sag-Free
Readjusting your pantyhose and elegance simply don’t mix. This is why we emphasize the importance of creating hosiery that stays in place from the moment you slip into it. We designed our pantyhose without an inner seam to avoid irritating your thighs and removed any uncomfortable excess fabric or gusset between the legs to guarantee a better fit and lasting comfort no matter the occasion.

Problem #4
Baggy Fit

Our Pantyhose: Second-Skin Style

We’re shaping the future of hosiery with a reliably snug fit that cradles the curves of your body and softly moves with you without ever stretching out. You’ll never experience unflattering extra fabric around your ankles, knees or waist. You can thank our Lycra® 3D knitting technology with high elastane count for the superb elasticity and perfect fit. 

Problem #5
Uncomfortable Fabric

Our Pantyhose: Exceptional Softness
Your comfort is our priority. This is why we created our pantyhose to be ultra-light, soft and silky on the skin. Our factories in Italy are certified OEKO-TEX, adhering to the highest standards in the textile industry. This means we never use harsh or harmful chemicals, so you always feel comfortable and itch-free wearing our tights—it’s feel-good fashion at its best. Jambes En L’Air is also cruelty free and 100% vegan, proof that style and substance truly do coexist.

Problem #6
Limited Colors

Our Pantyhose: More Nude Options Than Ever 
Jambes En L’Air is the most inclusive hosiery brand worldwide featuring 20 shades of skin-tone pantyhose. While other brands offer an average of 7 colors, our color palette is composed of 5 colors for light skin, 5 colors for medium skin, 4 colors for tan skin, and 6 colors for deep skin, all with a mix of warm and cool undertones, leaving you lots of room for style exploration. Our colors appear uniform on the leg, creating a translucent yet airbrushed look that blends perfectly with your skin tone. The result: a beautifully natural matte finish. 

Problem #7
Waistbands that Pinch
Dig and Roll

Our Pantyhose: A Flawless Waistline
Muffin tops become a problem of the past with our innovative waistband. With a renewed focus on comfortable pressure and uniform fit, we designed our waistbands to gently hug the contours of your waist so you’ll never experience pinching, digging or rolling. The higher band offers flattering coverage that effortlessly adapts to your shape and stays securely in place all day without leaving unwanted marks on your skin.

Problem #8
Holes in the Toes

Our Pantyhose: Reinforced Toe Extends Wear Time, Reinforced Toe = Longer Lastability
Toenails that peek through pantyhose are never a flattering look. This is exactly why we’ve strengthened the toes on our tights by adding a thicker weave of fabric so rips and snags become unlikely occurrences. It’s a fact: a reinforced toe makes pantyhose last longer. It also offers a built-in beauty bonus: If your pedicure isn’t quite spotlight-ready, a reinforced toe subtly conceals less-than-perfect polish.

Problem #9
Unpleasant Runs

Our Pantyhose: Beautifully Run-Resistant 
Sumptuously smooth, run-free hosiery—we expect nothing less. We incorporate run-resistant Lycra® Fusion™ technology to increase your pantyhose wear life by preventing perforations, holes and scratches from becoming full-on runs. We also include our exclusive complimentary cotton hosiery glove with each pantyhose purchase to prevent fingernails and jewelry from snagging delicate pantyhose while getting dressed.