The secret to preserving the beauty and life of your pantyhose lies in your washing technique. Follow these simple steps:

  • Turn pantyhose inside out to ensure all residue washes away.
  • Always hand-wash your pantyhose using a gentle detergent. When traveling, mild shampoo from a hotel bathroom is acceptable. Add liquid starch to toughen up the fibers to help reduce runs. Avoid fabric softener as it will damage the elastane.
  • When hand-washing isn’t possible, place pantyhose in a fine-knit mesh lingerie bag or pillowcase and wash in cold water on the lowest machine hand-wash cycle. 
  • After washing, gently squeeze water out of pantyhose. Never twist or ring.
  • Always hang or lay your pantyhose flat on a towel to air dry. The dryer will deteriorate and shrink them.
  • To avoid color fading, don’t dry your pantyhose in the sun.
  • Never iron or place pantyhose by a heater.