Welcome to Jambes En L’Air! Literally translated, our name means “Legs In the Air” – a carefree and cheeky French phrase that epitomizes my approach to life. It captures the feeling I want you to experience when wearing our hosiery and it honors my French heritage in a way that makes my mother proud. 

As a flight attendant, I’ve flown more than 500,000 miles in nude hosiery. Hosiery that, despite its hefty price tags, left me struggling with sags, bags, rolls and rips. Hosiery that left me feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. Did you ever try to pull up your hosiery secretly, hoping no one would notice? That was me. Every. Single. Day.

In addition, I felt the pain of knowing my shade of nude was not a “standard” nude. Says who? Traditional choices didn’t match my skin tone and left my legs looking ashy and like they didn’t belong with my body.

Can you say “lack of confidence?”

So I decided to something about it, and spent several years learning about luxury hosiery. What makes hosiery feel soft and silky? What happens when you eliminate all the seams and gussets? How do you keep it from running and snagging? How can hosiery contribute to the health of the planet?

With the answers to these questions (and so many more) in hand, I began to sample. And sample again. Until I came up with perfectly fitting, seamless and long-lasting hosiery as comfortable as my favorite leggings. They’re made in Italy, the home of luxury production that’s eco-conscious, chemical-free and that utilizes the latest methods, materials and technology. 

The next step was to match my skin tone. And while I was at it, I created 22 shades of nude, so you, too, can find your perfect match. I’m proud to say that Jambes En L’Air is the most color-inclusive hosiery brand in the world.

In Paris, where I’m from, women wear white cotton gloves to put on their hosiery, which keeps it from snagging on rings and fingernails. I decided to include a pair of white cotton gloves with every purchase of my nude hosiery as my finishing touch.

I do hope my hosiery bring you the feelings of confidence and power that come from knowing you look and feel your best.