All in the Details

When fine design meets inclusivity, the results are gorgeous.

It’s time to elevate your hosiery experience. No more unflattering lines, sagging, snagging…and no more waste, as our styles are crafted to last. We utilize the most innovative 3D knitting technology to create sheer and opaque hosiery designs that eliminate both seams and gussets, resulting in a second-skin fit as comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings. Experience the difference a high-performance, high-fashion essential will make in your life:

#1 Discover the Perfect Match

We are proud to say we are the most inclusive hosiery brand in the world. Our Les Nudes collection features more than 20 shades of nude, in a color palette that is composed of 5 colors for light skin, 5 colors for medium skin, 5 colors for tan skin and 7 colors for deep skin. The result is a translucent, airbrushed look that blends perfectly with your skin tone and provides a beautiful, natural matte finish.

#2 Say Hello to the White Glove Experience

You’ll enjoy the Jambes En L’Air experience from the moment you receive your beautiful gift box with the world’s best hosiery nestled inside. Our Les Nudes collection is even accompanied with a pair of exclusive, complimentary white gloves – the Parisian way to prevent fingernails and jewelry from snagging your hosiery while getting dressed.

#3 Say Goodbye to Slipping, Sliding, Sagging, Pinching and Rolling

Impeccable fit is our promise to you. Quite simply, our hosiery stays in place. It is seamless, gusset-free and crafted with Lycra® 3D knitting technology that delivers a second-skin fit. Our high, wide waistband is an innovative design that gently hugs your contours, adapting to your moves while remaining secure all day long.

#4 Eliminate Unflattering Lines

Our thoughtfully rendered design layers effortlessly under the most fitted of garments, eliminating panty lines and creating a smooth foundation. We knit elastane into every stitch to render supportive stretch that gently hugs your body as it moves. The result is seamless perfection that is absolutely invisible.

#5 Rule Out Runs and Snags

We’re committed to providing you with long-lasting hosiery. That’s why we use innovative, industry-leading construction techniques to combat runs and snags. Our hosiery is made with the highest quality yarns available, and its durability is enhanced with a reinforced toe that stands up to repeated wear. The result is sumptuously smooth hosiery free of imperfections, no matter how active your day.

#6 Luxuriate in Exceptional Softness

Your comfort is our priority. We’ve created our hose to be ultra-light, soft and silky on the skin. Our factories in Italy are certified OEKO-TEX, which means we never use harsh or harmful chemicals. We deliver a high-performance product with exceptional gentleness, ensuring that you are cared for and pampered, It’s feel-good fashion at its best.

#7 Honor the Planet

Our eco-sensibility means we use responsibly sourced materials and green-certified manufacturing processes. We also don’t want to contribute to landfills, so our hosiery is designed fit better and last longer. The longer our hosiery last, the less waste we produce and the more satisfied you’ll be with your Jambes En L’Air purchase.

Style and substance truly do coexist.With 22 shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your skin tone. Get Started Now