Sustainable Style.
We’re Doing Our Part.

Driven by a profound desire to preserve our planet, Jambes En L’Air takes an intelligently conscious approach to creating hosiery. With an eco-minded sensibility that imbues every step of the process, we created our brand to bring you a line of pantyhose that makes getting dressed sustainably chic.

Our pantyhose are good for the environment, and they make your body feel good, quite literally. We consider them a wise investment in both your style and the world in which we live. This is why we created our pantyhose with thoughtful high-tech details, like run-resistant yarn and a reinforced toe, which preserve the life of your hosiery.

Proper care and a delicate hand play a role, too—it’s the reason we include a complimentary cotton glove with each pantyhose and offer an eco-friendly pumice stone and Shea butter for you to purchase, to guarantee your smoothest skin possible. Simply put, the longer your pantyhose last, the less waste you produce—and isn’t that ultimately the point of it all?


Most modern pantyhose
aren’t made to last. Ours are.

Most modern pantyhose aren’t made to last. Ours are. We take a considered approach to how our company and, in particular, our hosiery contribute to the global sustainability conversation—and this drives our passion and decision-making every step of the way.

Keeping sustainability top of mind, we work with world-class hosiery manufacturers in Italy and use only the finest, most responsibly sourced materials and innovative techniques to bring exceptional durability to our seamless nude pantyhose so they are less prone to snags and runs.

The result? You’ll replace them less frequently, which is more cost-effective, time-efficient and above all eco-conscious—our greatest contribution to the world. We take tremendous pride in bringing you a quality luxury product like no other.We also believe in giving your pantyhose a second life, so we have many clever ways to repurpose your hosiery.


Our factories in Italy are

We uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility by focusing on low energy consumption with an emphasis on new generation solar panels and green-certified energy.

Working alongside trusted leaders in the industry for the latest safety and sustainability solutions, we utilize innovative technology that reduces waste and noise levels, while further diminishing our environmental footprint by recycling water and waste


Our dyeing facilities take an
equally responsible approach
to the dyeing process.

New machines decrease energy waste by 25% and efficiently reuse steam condensation. A third of the energy employed is self-produced with solar panels, and all wastewater from the dyeing process is purified before being released into the municipal system so no polluting substances are ever reused.


Modern sensibility
and mindfulness.

Unlike traditional hosiery packaging that’s fashioned from flimsy cardboard and plastic sleeves, and often immediately discarded, we designed ours with a modern sensibility and mindfulness.

Made in Italy, our boxes are created from responsibly harvested FSC recycled cardboard and wrapped in paper that is 100% compostable. To embellish our boxes, we selected light and deep pink hues, symbols of universal love and unity, and passion and energy, respectively. Our intent is for our boxes to be adored as stylish storage for years to come.