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The Opaque eco-responsible

The perfect opaque finish in 40 denier. Made of recycled yarn under sustainable practices for a beautiful you and a healthy planet.

Color: Noir absolu

The Opaque Tights are our signature 40-denier tights, providing medium opaque coverage with a matte finish. Designed with sustainability in mind, they are crafted with recycled yarn using industry-leading environmentally conscious practices.

Seamless and gusset-free, durable yet silky smooth, the Opaque Tights offer a second-skin fit as comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings. They're good for the planet and feel great on your legs. Each pair arrives in a complimentary gift box.

+ Key Product Features

  • 40 denier
  • Compression-free double-layered waistband to smooth and flatten
  • Medium opaque coverage
  • Matte finish
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Seamless
  • No gusset
  • Reinforced toes
  • Lycra® 3D knitting technology for comfort and durability
  • Cruel free and 100% Vegan
  • Certified OEKO-TEX
  • Made in Italy

We care about our planet as much we care about our customers, so we responsibly use recycled yarns made of 87% Nylon Ecocare and 13% Elastane which are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX to be free of any chemicals harmful to humans.

Essential to the hosiery world, the denier (pronounced DUN-YAY) determines the overall look of your pantyhose. The denier number informs its sheerness, thickness and durability. 

A denier is the technical name for the weight of the pantyhose yarn. The lower the denier, the lighter, thinner, sheerer and more delicate the pantyhose—and the more likely you’ll experience runs. Pantyhose with a higher denier are thicker, heavier, warmer and more opaque and durable.

 The denier number will always have a D after it, making it easy to identify. It’s typically printed on the packaging. Selecting a denier simply comes down to personal preference.

Pantyhose can easily catch on rough, dry skin as well as jagged fingernails and toenails. To avoid snagging on nails and cuticles, gently file fingernails and toenails to smooth down rough spots.

We also created an eco-friendly pumice stone that gently smoothes away rough spots on heels and sides of toes so your pantyhose glide on easily. Moisturize with our Shea butter for ultimate softness.


Begin by removing all jewelry to prevent snagging. Always sit down while putting on and taking off your hosiery.

Unfold your hosiery. The legs and feet have been formed to their natural shape. This process is called “boarding” and is a sign of high quality. In addition, the back of the hosiery is indicated with a thread marker at the waistband. 

Never pull on your hosiery, gently roll them up. Use your thumbs and index finger to gather all the material of one stocking leg into a small circle. Carefully and slowly roll this circle over your toes, up to you knee. Repeat for the other leg.

Next, continue to slowly work each leg fully into the hosiery. The waistband is very delicate so never pull on it forcefully. Use care when removing your hosiery, too. Never pull from the toe.

The secret to preserving the beauty and life of your pantyhose lies in your washing technique. Follow these simple steps:

  • Turn pantyhose inside out to ensure all residue washes away.
  • Always hand-wash your pantyhose using a gentle detergent. When traveling, mild shampoo from a hotel bathroom is acceptable. Add liquid starch to toughen up the fibers to help reduce runs. Avoid fabric softener as it will damage the elastane.
  • When hand-washing isn’t possible, place pantyhose in a fine-knit mesh lingerie bag or pillowcase and wash in cold water on the lowest machine hand-wash cycle. 
  • After washing, gently squeeze water out of pantyhose. Never twist or ring.
  • Always hang or lay your pantyhose flat on a towel to air dry. The dryer will deteriorate and shrink them.
  • To avoid color fading, don’t dry your pantyhose in the sun.
  • Never iron or place pantyhose by a heater.

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